Smile Makeover

What is smile makeover ?

Your smile is one of the key elements of social communication. A flawless smile will make you feel more confident about yourself and make an instant impression. Thanks to ever advancing science of Aesthetic Dentistry, more and more people can make improvements about themselves in this manner.

It is possible to reconstruct a smile with E-max laminated veneers, zirconium full veneers, composite bonding and professional bleaching methods. The most important thing is our patients expectations. According to that, we choose the most suitable materials and methods for you with our 30+ years of academical and clinical experiences in Aesthetic Dentistry.

At International Dental Studio, we help you feel the best of yourself not only with our 30+ years of academical and clinical experience in aesthetic dentistry, but also with our competitive prices.

At International Dental Studio, we believe that you are in full control of your smile makeover. So we work with the latest technology to give you a final provision of your smile and ensure you that you will be happy with the end product.