Dental Implants

What are dental implants ?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for the root of your missing tooth which is placed directly in your jaw bone. They can support crowns or dentures, in a similar way that roots support natural teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium which are long-lasting and biocompatible for the human body.

Why dental implants ?

Having missing teeth can really knock your confidence, as well as affect the way you eat and speak. It also affects the balance of your bite and might cause temporamandibular joint discomfort. Implants are reliable, long lasting and pain free method of restoring missing teeth. For patients who do not want to use removable dentures, implant based fixed prostheses might be a better option. Also implants can be used to get extra stability from conventional dentures.

How does an implant surgery work?

The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia, within a single session. Basicly, a titanium screw (implant) is placed to the jaw bone, then the exposed bone gets covered with the gum again. After the placement, the bone surrounding your implant will gradually fuse to it, holding the implant firm in place. A crown, bridge or denture is then fitted to the top of the implant (the abutment), restoring your esthetics and functions.

Is the implant surgery painful?

Implant surgery is not painful at all like some might think. As the operation is performed under local anesthesia you won’t feel pain or discomfort during any of the stages. Following the procedure, you can eat, drink and keep on doing daily activities.

When I would get my teeth done after the implants are placed?

Generally we need to wait for 3 to 6 months for the implants to fuse to your bone before placing the veneers on the implants. This duration depends on your age, bone quality and general medical condition. After 3-6 months, when the implants are fully integrated to the bone, getting your teeth done will take less than a week.